Why we don’t recommend Bitcoin Motion?

Why we don’t recommend Bitcoin Motion?
Bitcoin Motion seems to be an unreliable platform. Indeed, it operates in the same way as many of the investment scam sites we have seen before. Here are some reasons that should alert anyone concerned about their wallet.

1 – An unrealistic promise of gains

First of all on the website, the platform promises an extremely high profit. Indeed, you can clearly see that they say you can earn up to $3,000 a day using this free bitcoin auto trading software. This is a pretty bold claim considering there are absolutely no facts to back it up!

Furthermore, further down the site page, the platform claims that its members can earn up to $208.33 per hour, which is hard to believe.

Bitcoin Motion
As if that wasn’t enough, we also noticed the same unrealistic promises of earnings in the “Bitcoin Motion” section. Indeed, you notice that they talk about zero risk and a 98.9% success rate.

Bitcoin Motion zero risk

But even the most amateur trader knows that any form of trading involves significant risk. However, there really is no such thing as zero risk and a 98.9% win rate seems unrealistic.

2 – False Testimonials on the Site
Indeed, it is very common to see unscrupulous sites displaying fake testimonials on their pages. On its website, Bitcoin Motion displays a number of testimonials from people who earn money with its robot. However, after a little checking, we found the photos posted by Bitcoin Motion in image banks. This proves that the testimonials of Bitcoin Motion users presented on its official website are not trustworthy.

There are also some photos that are supposed to illustrate some of the past holiday moments that Bitcoin Motion has organised for its users. But again, this is obviously a fake, as we found these images also on Adobe Stock image bank.

Bitcoin Motion image
As we show in the image above, these are image bank photos that anyone can buy and use freely. As such, they do not represent real users of the Bitcoin Motion robot. See for yourself the pictures below.

3 – Fake Press Appearances

Quotes from publications claiming to be about this trading application can also be found on the official Bitcoin Motion website. But all this is false. In fact, neither Bloomberg nor any other news organisation has ever mentioned Bitcoin Motion.

Bloomburg Bitcoin Motion
As you can see from the picture below, they have created an agency called “Bloomburg Press” whose name is fictitious, but also intentionally close to Bloomberg. Indeed, the aim is to confuse people who will probably pass by and not pay attention to the details. So they might think it’s the real Bloomberg Press, but it’s not.mot